Angel Investor With HR Background Launches StartUpJobs In Singapore To Solve Manpower Woes

After getting seed or venture funding, one of a startup’s first actions is to hire a team. However, good talent with high risk profiles are hard to come by.

Getting the word out to the right people could be part of the solution. That’s where StartUpJobs comes in. Created by Ben Chew, an angel investor and entrepreneur who runs a HR consulting firm, StartUpJobs is basically a free jobs portal for startups.

While Ben has said that the service is meant for “startups”, what he really means is any new company under 5 years old. Strictly speaking, startups would cover only new companies that are built to scale and grow rapidly.

So, a new cafe or barber can submit a job posting onto the site, subject to an approval process. Nonetheless, most of the jobs posted at the site at this point come from within the tech startup community.

Ben has the support of several startup incubators and early stage funds on this project. They are: Red Dot VenturesTNF VenturesCrystal Horse Investments, and FocusTech Ventures. However, the arrangement is pretty basic at this point. Ben hopes to work with them on a more strategic level soon.

As an angel investor who has recently gotten into the game less than half a year ago, starting a recruitment portal was not something Ben initially envisioned.

But the manpower needs of his investees called out to him. While initially hesitant, he was advised to put his human resource expertise to good use, which led him to develop this project.

Ben would not disclose publicly the companies he has invested in, but suffice to say, they include a social recruitment startup, a mobile learning company, a tech startup accelerator, and an online marketing company.

He also wants to grow StartUpJobs beyond being a job portal. While nothing is concrete at this point, he hopes to help increase the appeal of startup jobs to potential employees. He’s also considering a revenue model, and it’s something he aims to implement in the coming year.

Article first appeared on SGE.


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