Age is Just a Number: Lessons from Successful Late Bloomers

Have you heard about a company called CoderBunnyz? It is a company producing cool board game that let kids learn how to code from a young age. The fascinating fact does not lie only on the company’s mission itself, but also its founder. CoderBunnyz is founded by a 10 year old girl named Samaira Mehta. Amazing, right? Said to start coding as early as when she was only 6, she already succeed and inspire billions of people around the world.  

After learning about Mehta’s achievement despite her young age, you might want to reflect on your accomplishment in life. What have you achieved so far? Have you made your dreams come true? Are you satisfied and contented with the life you’re living now? If any of the answer to these questions is a NO, then maybe you should make some changes in your life.

Even though you already hit your 50s, it is never too late to re-navigate your life and start something new. Life is full of surprise, so who knows what you turn out to be in the next few years? and it is time to live your dream and turn your vision into reality. The first step is to stop comparing yourself to others and start working towards your goals. Here are two inspiring stories of late bloomers that will boost your self-confidence and energy:

Raymond Albert Kroc, successful entrepreneur at the age of 59

Most people might know him as one of the best businessmen in America. But earlier in his life, he served a military service and was a volunteer in WW1, lying about his age to begin serving at 15. After discharged from military, Ray spent his life as a salesman, selling paper cups and milkshake machine. He went to California to meet a restaurant owner who wanted to purchase a milkshake machine, where Ray was amazed by the restaurant’s simplified and smooth cooking process. He then joined forces with the restaurant owners at age of 53 and took over the company at age of 59.

After transforming the company, he then developed a strict guideline and procedure. After a few ups and downs, his dedication made him a successful owner of the world’s largest franchise, McDonald’s. Although he did not invent fast food, Ray was sharp in seeing opportunity and transform it into something amazing. Because of his endless dedication, Ray, in his early 60s, was known as the richest man in America.

Harry Bernstein, popular writer at the age of 96

He was known as a decade success writer because he was almost 100 years old when his first book being published. Harry was born in a poor Jewish family and had a hard time in his life.

Harry worked for different production companies as a magazine editor and freelance writer until the age of 62. He was not stopped by the comfort his jobs gave. Prior to writing about his life journey, Harry was determined to publish ‘his own book’ but, at that time, he was already 93. Despite his age, he started writing The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers.

It was an inspiring book about his life journey including the struggle his family experienced during WW1. Finishing the writing, he was being rejected by publisher he went to. However, he never gave up and kept trying. Finally, at the age of 96, his first book was published and the story went viral. He also received a belated literary fame.

From two stories above, we can learn that age is just a number. As long as you have a strong will, you can be next Ray or Harry . You just need to get up and start the journey. Here are some tips from late bloomers to help you discover and go through your journey.

Understand and push your boundaries

To begin the step, you need to believe that someday, you will achieve your goals while trying to reflect the reasons why your success is delayed. When you have defined your key strength or weakness, it is time to think about your challenges. Early in our life, we tend to seek security and stability by staying in our comfort zone and become reluctant to challenge our limits. Now, you should consider your limitation and challenge these insecurities. By doing so, there is a possibility that you will discover something new in your life such as new passion or talent that will lead you to your success.

Make the most of your strengths

Be it a new skill or interest, make it your number first foundation to build your startup or career. If you already have a foundation, it will be easier to go on the next step. Now that you already know your strength, you need to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. It can help you seize opportunity and unlock your hidden potentials.

Late bloomers often have a high capacity of imagination and creativity. They also are more reflective, considerate, and patient. You can use these potential to build up your self-confidence and bolster your life. This will also help you trust in yourself so you can be more self-reliant in facing challenges.

Enjoying every step in your success career is also part of the process. Be it sad or happy, easy or difficult paths, ups or downs, you should make sure to use them as a motivation to achieve your goals.

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