Affordable Marketing Methods Your Startup Can Adopt

Whether you are just starting up or has been in the startup scene for a few years, looking for affordable methods to market your services or products is a consistent need. In this fast-paced digital era, online marketing is one brilliant way to publicise your startup, expand your brand, and gain customers at the same time.

Learn to execute effective online marketing and maximise the marketing budget at the same time with the following 5 tips!

  1. Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are the major social communities where people come together to discuss, network and explore the latest trends. Hop on the social media wagon as soon if you have not yet done so!

These are places where your startup could be noticed by the masses, particularly, your targeted audience. Even if they happen to catch sight of your startup somewhere else, it is highly possible they will go on to one of the social media platforms to look for your page where they can view posts, latest happenings, photos and reviews.

Keep in mind you need to have the below list ready:

– A visible logo

– A banner

– Short / long description of your startup

– Information like address, website & contact details

If you already have setup a page on the platforms mentioned, then you need to remember to keep your profiles and information up-to-date.

Of course, having such social pages you would need to maintain it regularly. Leaving it unattended could decrease credibility and customers’ interest as well. Hootsuite is a helpful tool should you be managing more than one platform!

2. Fresh Content Generation

The next step would be creating shareable contents. Start writing articles that are informative. You can promote your startup but do it subtly as you do not want to come across to your audience that you are trying too hard to upsell your startup.

Keep in mind you need these:

– User-friendly blog where readers could share easily

– Images in your content

– Creative, eye-catchy topics

After publishing the article, don’t forget to share on your social media platforms and other groups too!

Don’t worry if you are not able to write well. Numerous platforms offer article-writing services with affordable pricing. Google!

3. Create Buzz

The word of mouth is a great marketing strategy when it comes to services and products. You can create a buzz for your startup by either sending your products to bloggers for their reviews or inviting them to a private event like a Pre-Launch Party. Should they choose to feature you, backlinks will be created, and it not only help to gain recognition, but it will also boost your site’s traffic/users.

Next, you can also send in press releases and articles to news media platforms for more exposure. There’re lots of such sites out there, go for those that are suitable.

4. Be a Tweeter or Instagrammer

Twitter and Instagram are popular platforms where people do a lot of @Mentions to increase their visibility. Regularly connect with prominent people that are tightly related to your products and fields. A simple action of following them could bring you additional followers from their fanbase! Else, just use @Mentions where deem fit. Not forgetting hashtags!

Although Facebook and Google+ has enabled the usage of hashtags, it is still more widely used on Twitter and Instagram. Do note; Twitter has a limitation of 140 characters and Instagram has a higher limitation of 2,200 characters.

5. Partnership in Marketing Campaigns

Establishing partnerships with other companies not only cut down on your budget spent on a marketing campaign, but it also increases the value of the campaign for your users and also theirs.

There are always one way or the other on how you and the potential partner can come together and establish a campaign that benefits 3 ways; You, Them and The Audience. Brainstorming with your team could give you creative ideas or solutions.

For a Startup to be heard and seen is not always costly. Other than the above tips, you can also try new tools that surface in the market that helps in increasing your startup’s visibility. Usually, for such tools, there will be free trial periods. Thus, signup and start testing it. You could be surprised by the end results!

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