8 Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs You Should Not Miss 

8 Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs You Should Not Miss 

LinkedIn on Emerging Jobs Report revealed that the demand for Artificial Intelligence specialist roles is the fastest growing in some countries, including Singapore, India, and the U.S. 

Hiring for Artificial Intelligence specialists on the career networking service has grown 74 percent annually over the past four years. The job role is an evolution of other machine-learning and data-crunching job titles that have topped the list before. Albeit Artificial Intelligence specialist might share some data scientist roles, the work of data scientist involves a wider set of statistical or data visualisation tools versus machine learning. 

The most common jobs that Artificial Intelligence specialists held prior to labelling themselves with the title include software engineer, research assistant, data engineer, R&D engineer, computer vision engineer, robotics engineer, and a software engineer. Here are some more job titles you might need to know, according to the LinkedIn survey.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist 

Brief description: Work for research centres of universities, small AI development companies, and the growing numbers of large corporations that are maintaining in-house AI groups. 

Education required: Master or Doctoral degrees in computer science or cognitive science. Or, the combination of psychology, psycholinguistics, computer science, anthropology, and philosophy. 

Median salary: $74,980 per year 

Getting hired: Try to gain practical experience by initiating a school project by taking part in research efforts. Apply directly to university research centres or to companies that do AI research and development. 

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Artificial Intelligence Product Manager

Brief description: Focus on using AI, deep learning, and/or machine learning to enhance, improve, create, and shape a company’s products. 

Education required: BA/BS degree, Master degree, or PhD in mathematics or statistics. 

Median salary: S108,991 per year 

Getting hired: Be creative and gain experience in product management for a more technically driven product. Upskill your analysis, organisation, and teamwork ability. 

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Brief description: Responsible for understanding business problems, identifying or applying right cognitive computing tech to solve problems and involving formulation and execution tech receipts for commercial deployment. 

Education required: Minimum BA degree in either computer science, mathematics, information technology, statistics, finance, or economics. 

Median salary: $164,760 annually 

Getting hired: Upskill your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills by enrolling online or offline learning. Learn additional languages, especially English, Chinese, and Japanese. It is also suggested to get some experiences by involving yourself in a research team. 

Artificial Intelligence Ethicist

Brief description: Ensure the key ethical aspects are identified and considered in the overall strategy of a company. 

Education required:  Diploma or BA degree in ethical AI

Median salary: $125,250 annually 

Getting hired: Following the path of the successful ethicist, you need to involve yourself in an AI ethical conference. Upskill your knowledge and ability on the topic of ethical AI.

Algorithm Engineer

Brief description: Focus on the design, analysis, implementation, optimisation, profiling, and experimental evaluation of computer algorithms. 

Education required: at least a BA degree in mathematics, computer science, programming, or a related field. 

Median salary: $135,8877 annually 

Getting hired: Get some certification or at least upskill your ability with standard programming languages such as C++ or Python. Also, gain experience and skills in program or product development through an internship or entry-level programming job. 

Machine Learning Engineer

Brief description: Design, develop, run, and implement machine learning and deep learning systems. 

Education required: Master or doctoral degree in a relevant discipline, include computer science or mathematics. 

Median salary: $114,121 annually 

Getting hired: Be a tech-savvy individual that has the desire to create automated technologies. And, get some experiences by working on practical and theoretical models to enhance and demonstrate hands-on skills. 

Data Scientist 

Brief description: Make value out of data by proactively fetches information from various sources and analyses it for better understanding of how business perform. Build Ai tools that automate certain processes within the company 

Education required: BA or Master degree in IT, computer science, math, physics, or a related field. 

Median salary: $113,430 annually

Getting hired: Enhance your curiosity and creativity. Get a strong ability to stay focused and attention to detail. You should train yourself by involving in an internship or entry-level of tech jobs. 


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