7 Things That Make Great Entrepreneurs Tick

Successful entrepreneurs and brilliant innovators are everywhere in Silicon Valley.


Palo Alto or Mt. View, name it, you cannot walk down their streets without bumping into top executives who started out in a little garage shop, research lab, or college dorm room.


The thing is, each all have unique qualities. But it is a big mistake to think that these qualities that make them standout define who they are. This I can say for sure, these people… they will surprise you!


What makes these people tick? What makes them the way they are? If you want to know more about it, here are the seven things that, in my observation, successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common.


They all have a process. It may sound strange but it looks like every single one of them has their own process: thinking things through, making decisions and so on. They are very process-oriented, sometimes, without even knowing they are.


They trust their gut. Self-absorbed it may seem but the truth is, they are just self-confident when it comes to trusting their instincts and pursuing things that inspire them. To a few trusted people they’ll listen but the final decision would always come from them in the end.


They have a passion for what they do. That’s the reason why they dare do it. It inspires them. It is where they find a sense of safety, of comfort. It’s like a piece of metal drawn to a powerful magnet. It feels so familiar when they do it. And there’s no way they’d rather do anything else.


They’re unusually quick on the uptake. They are usually smart. They can pick up data, analyze situations or understand something that mostly took others hours to understand in what seems like a heartbeat.


They’re born problem solvers. It’s just a piece of cake once they understand the problem they enjoy in bringing their intellect, inspiration, and observations to come up with the right solution, plan, decision, whatever’s appropriate for the situation. Problem solving is their game. It is what they live for. It is where they are best at.


They’ve got something to prove. It may seem like it really doesn’t matter but they all just seem to have an unrelenting need to achieve, to get things done in the best way possible. Their reason may not usually be clear but it is what drives and motivates them.


They work their tails off. When we consider how passionate they are about their work and how determined they are to accomplish great things it is obvious that, to a great extent, their work is their life.


Another thing one must always remember. If you end up working with some of these folks, the worst thing you can do is be in awe of them.


They don’t generally like yes-men and are quite impatient with folks who don’t add value. There’s a reason they have wanted you around. Do your thing the best way you can and be straight with them. It’s a good way to go.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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