7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes : Startups Must Avoid!

Many startups rush to publish their products and rocket the popularity through social medias platforms. Why? This strategy is known to work, as the users on those platforms are enormously large and keep growing day to day. What better ways to push your new products out if not through social media platforms?

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However, some startups consider this method of marketing as the more inferior one, resulting in no strategic design and preparation at all. This common misinterpretation could results in lower impressions gained or the possibility to be blocked out from many platform users. Therefore, let’s take a look at 7 social media marketing mistakes every Startup has to avoid!

  1. Not having a strategic plan

As mentioned before, a strategic plan is crucial if Startups want to benefit from using social media marketing. First thing first is that Startups must get together their team and have a sit-down session to discuss on:

  • Who are the targeted audiences?

  • How to engage the audience?

  • What are the objectives that you want to achieve?

  • How are you going to measure success?

  • Who will spearhead the campaigns?

These are vital contributions to planning a precise strategy resulting to the desired goal.

  1. Posting too often

Posting too often can backfire. Your audience might be irritated with the repeated content. Instead of being impressed, they might feel bored and consider the posts to be annoying. You do not want your audience to choose not to see posts from your page anymore right? Therefore, always think of good content that really value-add to your viewers.

  1. Posting at inappropriate times

Recognizing the audience is vital to decide the content and manage the appropriate times to attract their attention. As we all know, Facebook never sleeps, and the news feed will be rolling out new updates faster than you can post one status up! Select peak times that your audiences are online. Do an intensive analysis on your audiences coming online behaviors if necessary!

  1. Self-promoting

Self-promoting doesn’t always mean that you will get the attention from your audiences. Rather than keep promoting your Startup’s URL in every post, you can perhaps attract the attention of your audiences via discussing interesting topics that are empowering and educating at the same time. Be smart in every post!

  1. Selecting random platforms

Posting actively on random platforms seems to be the right way as it can allow your Startup to be more known within a shorter timeframe. But do you know? Posting on random platforms without recognising each platform’s characteristic would be a waste of activity. For example, Facebook and Pinterest are effective for posting attractive visual content, while Twitter is crowded by those who love to share and join an on-going discussion. LinkedIn is a great destination to post jobseekers-related topics, while Google+ is great for posts based on SEO tactics.

While a plan with a good strategy will get you the best results, do also avoid the mistakes, stick to the most useful formula you found and tweak your strategies when necessary.

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