7 Reasons to be A Nice Startup Founder

Great leaders are often linked with strong characters, such as authoritative and manipulative. In other words, a startup founder can be a jerk sometimes. With so many things to do, they push their employees to the limit.

No wonder, a lot of people come and go at your startup. They probably like your vision and idea, but not your attitude. Really, you don’t need to be that bossy if you want to be considered as a good leader.

There are some reasons on why being nice to employees and co-workers is good for your own startup. It’s not just good karma. Not quite sure? Here are the reasons:

  1. Your attitude lasts in a lifetime

When you act like a jerk, people will feel it deep on their hearts. They will always remember you that way. Your bad attitude could spread to many people you could never guess. Moreover, technology nowadays makes everything easier. Your bad behaviour can be captured, and posted on the internet. More and more people will see and know about it, and there goes your reputation.

  1. Your business could be successful without being aggressive

As a startup founder, the most important task is to persuade others to love your business. That’s the only thing to make people want to work for you, since you might not be able to give plenty of benefits and perks for them.

By using a positive approach, your aim is more possible to achieve. Engage with everyone in a positive and inclusive manner. If a person on your team is underperforming, don’t write him or her off immediately. Firing people should never be your first option. When letting people go is the only option, have a nice conversation with them about why it is not working out. Listen to others.

  1. You can motivate and inspire people

It really turns people off when you’re being a controlling maniac. Positive qualities, like being fair and respectful, are also considered as good leadership qualities. You encourage people to be more effective and productive by showing your good leadership qualities.

  1. You can build relationships

Your startup needs a lot of good relationships in order to grow bigger. Bring up empathy in needed circumstances and cultivate good relationships. Good relationships usually lead to good business.

  1. Startup ecosystem = cooperative

All of the startups in this industry must help each other to make it lasts. That’s how startup ecosystem works. Thus, being nice to your competitors is, indeed, important. You will never know who will be your next partner. Networking is more important than ever. Be a startup founder who has attractive traits, such as kindness and a genuine sense of humor. It will help your startup growing rapidly.

  1. You don’t know what (exactly) people think of you

Some of us see ourselves differently from how others see us. Nobody can find out how others perceive their behavior. Better do something to get a good image immediately.

  1. Bad karma

Karma is not just for the afterlife. Whatever we do, it sticks with us. Your bad behaviour will come back to haunt you, real time. Sometimes, you’re just not aware of it.


No more excuse to be such a bad leader. Now, what nice thing to do as soon as you finish reading this article?



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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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