6 Steps to Be Super Efficient

Having the chance to be on the road for more than 150 days a year triggered Joseph Grenny to be very skilled at being mobile and efficient. Joseph Grenny, a popular speaker, corporate and leadership trainer and an author came up with a number of strategies on how he can make himself more efficient whether he is in his office in Salt Lake City in Utah running his VitalSmarts office, or he is on the streets.


So here, he shares his 6 steps to push your limits to be ultra efficient.

One, study your day’s schedule.

Look for open opportunity of free time despite your busy schedule. It will only take 5 minutes to contemplate and study how your day will be. You might be surprise of how much free time you have in between catching a plane or meeting up with your clients or commuting. Planning your day ahead of time can definitely turn your wasted minutes into more productive one.


Two, prepare.

The key to being effective when you have spare time in between is to be well prepared.  You should arm yourselves with all the possibilities of the day.


Know what needs to be in priority and make sure that you have all the skills and the resources to perform and complete the task. Using cloud-based applications and your ever-reliable mobile devices can definitely push you to your limits.


Third, list.

Having checklists doesn’t always mean that you tend to forget easily. Keeping lists proves that you are thinking straight and you have set goals for yourself at a certain period of time. This is a great way prove that you are an organized and efficient person. You weigh things critically and prioritize them based on urgency.


In this manner, you are not forgetting anything and sacrificing your integrity and dignity in the field chosen.


Four, “all work and no play make jack a dull boy”.

Try rewarding yourself. One reason why people tend to be bored to their jobs is the redundancy in whatever they are doing. Why not break the ice?


From time to time, reward yourself.

Rewards can be as simple as getting yourself one hour of your day to chill with your favorite coffee at the local coffee shop all the way to the expensive trips out of town.


Doesn’t matter how big or small the reward is, it is necessary for it reminds you that you are after all human and needs a break.


Last but definitely not the least, delegate.

Having a lot of jobs on your plate is really rewarding but it also pays to delegate some tasks to people whom you trust and is more capable of doing a certain task. It is difficult at first to do and entrepreneurs find it is easier to have everything done their own ways.




These tips are really proven and simple ways that we can all do to make ourselves more productive and do things more efficiently on a daily basis. How about you? What are the things you do to make yourself more efficient? Please do feel free to share in the comments below.


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