5 Tips for Posting Startup Job Ads that Attract Top Talents 

5 Tips for Posting Startup Job Ads that Attract Top Talents 

It is projected that there will be 55 million job openings available in the economy through 2020, suggesting that the competition to fetch quality talents will be fiercer, especially for green startups. In order to win the battle of talent, there is one thing newly-built startup founder can do: revamping job ads strategy. 

Why should you focus on job posting strategy early on? 

More than 80 percent of candidates said that a clear timeline of hiring process would greatly improve all hiring experience, meaning investing time in writing your job posting description would attract these 80 percent of candidates. Not only do well-crafted job ads attract more candidates, they are also critical to lure away top-notch passive candidates. 

You should also invest more time in creating problem-free job ads to avoid misunderstanding during job applications. Focusing on creating honest and interesting job ads will also help attract wider audience. As reported by the Clutch survey, job seekers have more interest in applying for jobs that have honest ads. When the job posted is not honest, 70 percent of job seekers prefer to abandon a job application, while 55 percent said that they abandon 1 to 5 job applications during a job search due to dishonesty in job ads. 

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What to emphasise in your job ads? 

Glassdoor study revealed that nearly 70 percent of job seekers said salary information is their top priority when looking for a job. Here are top five factors job seekers would consider when applying for a job: 

  • attractive benefits and perks (48 percent)
  • convenient and easy commute (47 percent)
  • high salaries (46 percent)
  • good work-life balance (43 percent)
  • work from home flexibility (41 percent) 

How to write job ads? 

Tips #1 – Write carefully and concisely 

The first thing you should pay attention to when writing job ads is grammar and syntax. Invest your time in creating mistake-free job ads and make sure your job ads do not only consist of a huge wall of text. It is okay to insert one or two pictures to your job description. Here are some points you should pay more attention to when writing a job description: 

  • Proofread your grammar and syntax. Applications like Grammarly or Grammarix are helpful to check your grammar. Or, you can use Textio service for a job listing copy. 
  • Use bullet points as it is the best at grabbing attention.
  • Separate the nice-to-have, required skills, what you’ll do (job description), how to apply, benefits, and perks section.
  • Give reasons why talents should apply. This should align with your employer branding strategy. 
  • Attach pictures or link to a video to give an inside look of your company. 
  • Be humble in writing job ads. 
Tips #2 – Be creative 

If your targeted job applicants are young individuals, you can create a meme-based or comic job ads to be published on your social media. This could grab more attention as people nowadays love memes and comics. But don’t forget to emphasise that it is a job ad in the caption and give a CTA button to direct job seekers to a more detailed job description. 

Tips #3 – Be careful with the job titles 

Job titles like Sales Ninja, HR guru, Tech prophet, Crayon evangelist sound very intriguing to click and apply to, yet, they could be tricky to publish. Why? Majority of job hunters are looking for a general job title through a search engine. For this reason, going for a simple job title will work better than creative ones. Unless you posted on a job-seeking platform like LinkedIn or Startup Jobs Asia, it is always safe to use simple job titles. 

Tips #4 – Be sneaky 

To avoid “lazy applicants” who do not even bother to read the description before applying, you can write a very simple instruction such as “ I read the job description” somewhere in the middle of how to apply section of your job ad. This is a pretty simple strategy to avoid wasting your time for interviewing or shortlisting job seekers who do not have real interest over your vacant positions. 

Tips #5 – Offer something for free 

This might be another sneaky trick but worth the investment and could increase your job applicants. You can offer a free t-shirt or scarf for free for anyone who scores high in the test or is selected for an interview. Not only can this help attract more job applicants, this can also be a good marketing technique for your business. 

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