5 Steps to Build the Right Personal Brand for a Startup Founder

5 Steps to Build the Right Personal Brand for a Startup Founder

Recent years, we have heard a few successful and popular startup founders. Many people care about the way they dressed, background stories, and even private lives. No wonder, you probably have watched one or two movies about famous startup founders!

Now, we have to agree that a well-known startup founder affects the startup success. Those renowned startup founders make great employer brands for their startup. It seems like everybody wants to work for them.

With this phenomenon, there is no other excuse not to take care of your personal brand as a startup founder. Personal branding is now at the core of the startup’s business. As the founder, you should be the icon and mission statement of your startup.

Here are five steps to build the right personal brand for a startup founder:

  1. Choose the image you want to be known for

Outspoken, smart, modest, geek. Whatever that is, popular startup founders have such strong characters that attract other people to adore them. Apart from the characteristics, you can also decide whether you want to be known as a strategist, a technologist, or a developer.

Tip: use one magic word to describe you at the core.

  1. Set content strategy

Next, decide on the content of your branding. You should build a strategy, so that you can post it to social channels. Create a plan for your content. You can get some help from your team about this one, but it should outline the needs you want to address.

Tip: Bring a solution for this crazy world (it is probably your startup’s product). Write down some stuffs that you have in mind about that by being guest writer for popular media.

Another tip: Social media management tools to the rescue. You are probably too busy to be online all the time, but those tools help.

  1. Pick only the right social channels

You might want to be anywhere, but keeping it carefully exclusive for the public is sort of cool. Moreover, the people you need to reach out to are more likely to use a few social channels. Remember, each social media platform appeals to different audiences.

Tip: Do some social media researches along with your team. Only be available to correct social channels for your target audience.

  1. Go beyond social channels

Do not forget conventional media, such as print media, say, local newspaper. Those media always looking for new and vibrant entrepreneurs. Please realise that your future loyal customers could be reading those traditional media as well.

Tip: Contact the nearest local media in town. Offer them to cover your story or your startups.

  1. Prepare yourself for haters

The more popular you are, the more haters will be around. They may not like your point of view on one of your articles, or blatantly hate your startup’s product. Those times will come. But the good news is, you are officially popular enough as a startup founder.

Tip: Keep calm during the storm. Never ignore haters. Discuss with them. You probably can change the hate.


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