5 Growth Hacks Worth Trying for Startups

Congratulations! You have just set up your own startup. Now comes the difficult part: acquiring new customers. Since startups typically do not have much budget for marketing, why don’t you try the growth hacking methods?

Starting up a business is not easy. Growing and scaling it up to boost profits, is not easier either. When you are in the early startup stages, you have to sketch out an attainable business strategy map to introduce your brand and get your existence recognised by the public. As a newcomer in the industry, you have to compete with bigger and more established organisations to bring in new customers.

While this might sound like mission impossible to win against them, there is actually a way for your startup to grow quickly. Even better, you don’t have to spend a dime for it. Instead, all you need is to let your creativity shine and think out of the box. Yes, growth hacking is the solution to attain rapid growth, drive profits and achieve tangible business outcomes.

As the name suggests, growth hacking allows startup founders to reach bigger audiences within a short period of time. Limited funds and resources are no longer the traditional barriers for startup to grow and prosper. With right execution of the growth hacking strategy, your startup can attract larger audiences, while basking in the limelight and enjoying potential business growth along the way.

Here are five growth hacking methods worth trying for your startup:

1. Speed up your website

What do you do when you log into a new website for the first time, only to find that it loads at snail’s pace? Chances are, you will never visit the website for the second time. If you want to speed up your growth, you should speed up your website too.

To make the page load faster, you might need to modify the content by reducing the amount of images and videos. You also need to modify the layout with different settings, when the website is accessed through a different platform, such as Android or iPhones.

2. Offer something free

It might come as no-surprise to you that everyone loves free stuff. You should employ this psychology to drawing traffic to your website, if you want to increase your customer base. You should consider offering something for free.

Be it free registration for new members, free voucher for product soft launch, or even occasional giveaways, this marketing strategy will help leverage your networks for business in no time. Including the word ‘free’ in your tagline will be of great help to spread the word and  grow customer loyalty.

3. Use testimonials

Smart buyers tend to look for more information related to the business before they purchase the product or use the service. Rather than writing long and boring product explanations, you can make your business thrive on previous happy customer’ testimonials posted on your website. This will be one great and effective way to sweep out people’s scepticism towards your startup and convince the potential client.

4. Grow the emailing list

You know that almost everyone owns social media account. However, what is required before signing up for an account? The answer is an email’. Compared to other known methodologies, email marketing continues to remain most effective to gain potential purchase. Therefore, harvesting email lists through sign-up feature on your website is an easy and effective growth hack to promote your business faster to the right audiences.

5. ‘Hack’ and leverage on other platforms

If you want to increase your traffic, why not ‘hack’ other successful platforms? Rather than toiling hard to build your own customer base from scratch, it is time you get creative and integrate your business to other platforms. For example, you can capitalise on Facebook’s feature of scheduled posting to blast your product launch to your followers news feed.

Every startup founder fancies the idea of enjoying rapid business growth while bringing in more customers, all with less effort. However, you should bear in mind that this requires certain level of  creativity, perseverance, and critical mindsets. Which explains why certain growth hacking methods work and some do not work for certain business types.

Nevertheless, the key to successful implementation of growth hacking methods is to find out the right practices that represent your organisation’s vision, services, and products.

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5 Growth Hacks Worth Trying for Startups