5 Best AFFORDABLE E-commerce Courses for Beginners & Experts

5 Best AFFORDABLE E-commerce Courses for Beginners & Experts

It is important to equip and acknowledge yourself when building your own e-commerce business. That said, taking e-commerce courses could be the right path to help pave your way.

However, it is never easy to find great, high-quality courses for e-commerce because there are too many kinds of ecom courses on the market. So, to help you focus on building and developing your ecom potentials, here are the most related – and affordable – courses suitable for beginners and experts.

Product Winner Blueprint

The course is hosted by Tristan Broughton, a 7-figure entrepreneur and paid traffic expert. The contents of the course focus on an eCommerce business. There are two packages offered. The first course is US$ 297 for product winner blueprint 2.0 course. The second course is US$497 for product winner blueprint 2.0 course and Google Ads ecom academy course.

The product winner course includes:

  • 7 training modules with 50+ videos on store setup, product research and Facebook ads.
  • Bonus module on increasing your store’s average order value
  • Access to customer community in private course Facebook group
  • Access to and mentorship from Tristan via Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to all future course updates and video requests

The Google Ads course includes:

  • 8 training modules with 40+ videos on product research, setting up and running profitable Google Ads
  • Bonus module on search campaign expansion
  • Access to customer community in private course Facebook group
  • Direct access to Tristan’s supplier
  • Tristan’s list of negative keywords from the past 3 years
  • Access to, and mentorship from Tristan via Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to all future course updates and requests

Introduction to Ecommerce

For you who is a green ecom learner, this course could be the most important source to learn the fundamentals of ecom business. Hosted by Global Text Project, the course is available for free on Alison website. Mostly, the courses discuss the outer skin of an e-commerce business. The course has 2-3 hours duration with 5 major courses and is worth to give it a go.

  1. An introduction to learning outcomes
  2. Introduction to Ecommerce
  3. Strategic challenges
  4. Disintermediation
  5. Ecommerce: an Introduction – summary

Dropshipping Business from Scratch

The course is hosted by Adam Reed. Adam is a 6-figure ecom entrepreneur. The cost of this course is quite cheap starting from US$10.99 to US$199.99, depending on the offer you manage to secure. The course is accessible to mobile and TV and has full lifetime access, 7 articles, 4 downloadable resources, and 9.5 on-demand videos.

As described in the course, you will learn the following point when enrolling.

  • How to run a dropshipping ecom business from anywhere in the world
  • Build a professional Shopify store
  • Run a business from a laptop and become a lifestyle entrepreneur  or digital nomad
  • Research niche and product ideas using free Google tools
  • How to register domain names and link them to Shopify
  • How to a Shopify store for conversions 
  • Link social media accounts to Shopify websites
  • Integrate a number of Apps into Shopify
  • Devise and send ecom email marketing campaigns
  • Set up automated abandoned cart email sequences
  • Run highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns
  • Run ecom retargeting campaigns
  • Very basic Shopify SEO to improve search engine rankings
  • Use automated systems to carry out repetitive tasks
  • Outsource menial tasks to virtual assistants
  • Keep basic daily profit and loss records

Ecom Inner Circle

Arie Scherson is an ecom guru who is admired for his exceptional teaching approach. He founded this ecom program for everyone who wants to scale their ecom business. Ecom Inner Circle has two options offered: 1) Ecom Inner Circle Program [Full Access] for US$397 and 2) Ecom Inner Circle Relaunch for US$297.

The course itself contains 10 modules which most of them are videos learning. The modules are described as below:

  • Module 1 – Warm Welcome to connect with the Inner Circle support team and link to a private mentorship group
  • Module 2 – The Foundation which discusses how to build and begin ecom business including how to start the web and build a logo, etc.
  • Module 3 – Product research and competitor analysis, finding your 6 & 7 figure products
  • Module 4 – Instagram marketing, becoming a multi-channel store
  • Module 5 – Conceptually understanding Facebook ads, learning the art of Facebook ads
  • Module 6 – Facebook ad strategy
  • Module 7 – Advanced Facebook ads, scaling to the moon
  • Module 8 – Building back-end systems, how to maximise profits
  • Module 9 – Building a long term brand
  • Module 10 – Resources to various useful template, services, model, etc.

Dropship Blueprint

Dropship Blueprint might be new in the market but worth the time and money. They give downloadable free chapter 1 and offer profitable online courses. The instant lifetime access regularly at US$497, however, you can get US$100 off when signing up for the course by Tuesday at Midnight. The benefits you can get when taking this course include 13-chapter training courses, downloadable worksheets, access to private Facebook group, a US business setup guide, a lifetime email support, a store building checklist, and an ecom recommendation list.

The 13-chapter are described as follows:

For beginners courses

  1. Discover the Big 4 factors for choosing a niche
  2. Learn the pros and cons of each model of stock and ship, dropship, and affiliate
  3. Set up a reseller account with one or more suppliers or join an affiliate program
  4. Get a good domain name, choose the right shopping art platform, and get all your ducks in a row
  5. Build site the right way
  6. Launching tasks

For experts courses

  1. Learn what your web marketing strategy should be for the first 6 months or operations and beyond
  2. Learn how to profitably use PPC and other forms of paid advertising to start making sales
  3. Get store ranked and drive tons of free organic traffic from Google and other search engines
  4. Direct traffic to your site from other sites out on the web, leaning to more sales and profit
  5. Increase your bottom line by maximising conversion rate and average profit per order
  6. Learn all the ins and outs of optimal day-to-day store operations, including time management and outsourcing
  7. Chapter where team will help you when you try to sell your store 

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