5 Awakening Podcast & Youtube Channels for Entrepreneurs 

5 Awakening Podcast & Youtube Channels for Entrepreneurs 

There is no doubt that a crisis creates hardships for startups and small businesses. However, crises can also create new opportunities for those who are open to innovative ideas. Are you the one? If you need more inspiration and awakening motivations, here are some podcasts and YouTube channels worth listening to. 

Think Media 

Think Media is a youtube channel run by Sean Cannell. Sean is a passionate speaker and author of a best-selling book, YouTube Secrets. His videos mostly talk about creating profitable YouTube videos for business and helping creators run successful brands. Sean also often reviews tech tools for video creators. This channel is valuable for you who want to grow their business online. 

Entrepreneur Hour 

Entrepreneur Hour is a podcast channel hosted by Chris Michael Harris. Chris, himself, is a serial entrepreneur, business and performance coach. He created the podcast to help entrepreneurs and individuals in their business journey by providing insights from a variety of guests. Some of the best guests include Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Grant Cardone, Dave Asprey, and many more. His podcast is available on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Google play, and Castbox. 

Peter McKinnon 

Peter McKinnon is a passionate photographer and filmmaker. Not only that, he also diligently shares tips and tricks for you who share the same interests in photography and videography. Peter’s channel is also for everyone who wants to level up their blog or website through video contents. 

The Brendon Show 

This is another awakening podcast channel from a pro-development trainer hosted by Brendon Burchard. Brendon is not only a trainer but also has become the 100 most followed public figured on Facebook. He owns over 1,500,000 students, making him a successful online instructor in history. In his Podcast, Brandon shares some hacks on how to live an extraordinary life. He also hosted other inspirational, motivational, and practical business strategies. 


MarieTV is hosted by a cheerful lady, Marie Forleo. She was named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and has a mission to help people succeed in life and in business. Her videos cover awakening and motivational shows, helping its viewers realise their greatest potential and how to use their unique talents. If you want to turn your dream into a reality, you should definitely watch her videos. 

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