4 Ways Volunteerism Can Boost Your Startup

The power of giving back, as some people mentioned with volunteerism, is something good (absolutely) that anyone would give a standing ovation for those who do it.

Millennials workforce, as many Startups have come to realise, are precious assets to be recruited, as their young and innovative characteristics fits into the work culture readily. A 2015 survey held by The Case Foundation distributed to more than 1,500 Millennial employees in the United States reported the greater insight into the preference of Millennials and managers on volunteering, donating and participating in cause work through the company!

The study stated is indeed such a bright idea for Startups to boost their newborn company by the involving work forces in such social awareness activity!

Here are 4 ways volunteerism can boost your Startup :

1. Low-cost team building

Startups, with a limited fund to operate especially, often find it harder to approach professional events company to handle their team building events due to the costs involved. It might be interesting and yield greater results with professional facilitators, but such activities definitely burn holes in the pockets!

Thus, volunteerism is a great activity to do as a company while maintaining a healthy cash flow yet at the same time, effectively enhance the relationship with each other as well. Why? Through volunteering, all have the same vision – to help to overcome the social issues – and this is a good time to know how the team works together and observes each in the face of obstacles. The cost can be zero to very low but yielding valuable results.

2. Branding

Volunteerism in some ways, could enhance the teamwork capability, and as a bonus, it also achieves a positive reputation. The talents would be more engaged with each other and more pro-active. And at the same time, society will also appreciate the efforts put in which in turn, gaining a little more recognition in the industry.

3. Hiring success

If your Startup is having a tough time recruiting talents, volunteerism can be one way to attract them! Based on the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, 39% millennials would do research about the company’s cause work before they come for the interview,  even 55% of them are influenced to join a company after discussing such social actions in an interview.

4. Accomplishing social responsibility

Doing good always results in receiving good. Startups nowadays receive all sorts of funding and grants, so cultivating movements to give back to the society is a great responsibility! Not to mention, rewarding at the same time.

If you are currently going to implement the volunteerism movement in your Startup, it is vital to plan the activities that suit the company such as the budget, your team members, the amount of time needed and the target itself. Do not do something beyond the whole team’s capabilities!

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