4 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Mobile App

Today, technology has transformed many aspects of life and business landscape is not an exception. Thirty years ago, the idea of creating and building an online platform to do business was almost unheard of. But nowadays, myriad of newly-born startups are competing to develop the best softwares, mobile apps, and websites offering distinctive features and uses expected to positively impact human life.

With the increasing reliance on mobile devices in everyday life, many startup founders see this rising phenomenon as a promising business opportunity. More and more startups are committed in mobile development. Mobile development itself refers to the creation of applications that can be installed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. These mobile apps are often created to offer solutions to solve problems of daily life and help its users to simplify their activities.

The problem is, launching a mobile app might not be as easy as it might sound. You need to put a lot of effort and thought in it, as building mobile apps is a complicated and expensive endeavour. Then what are the steps you should prepare before launching a mobile app? Learn here:

Is it useful?

When you have an idea to build a business, before developing it into a mobile app, it would be better if you ask yourself first, “Is your idea really useful for many people? How will it change people’s life?” Such question is important because it helps you determine the end-goals and business values. We can take an example from the founders of Uber. Before launching the Uber app, they did a target-market research to find out if their mobile app could offer the solution to people’s problem regarding costly and intricate transportation modes. By doing similar research, this will help you develop the right services and features in the mobile app that can be used optimally by the consumers.

Develop the features

The key to a successful mobile app is to have features that are handy and practical for the target consumer. That being said, in developing a mobile app, you should pay attention to what kind of features you want to add on the platform. This should be considered carefully because once you launch the app and release your product or service to the market, it cannot be taken back easily. There is no undo button for the mobile app that has been launched so you should make sure to have the features tested first.

Test the app

Before releasing the mobile app to the market, it should be tested first by doing an internal release or commonly called as Alpha tester. By doing Alpha tester, you can test ask the internal team or friends to check and try out the app’s function. This will help you detect potential issues that might occur before your app released to the market. When you find any malfunction or bugs on your mobile app before launching it, this will make it easier and quicker for you to solve the problem.

Set a release schedule

A release schedule will help you and team to determine what and which feature of your mobile app you want to release, when and where you release it, as well as who will be invited on the launch. By having a clear timeline, this will help your team in preparing the product and motivate them to meet the expected goals.

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