4 Strong Reasons to Start Blogging (to Land a Startup Job!)

There are several things you can do before you go work for a startup, and blogging is definitely one of them. Any startup would be impressed if you are able to post good content consistently, add custom features to your blog, perform search engine optimization (SEO), and systematically improve it. Having a popular blog is a huge value-add to land a job at your dream startup.

Still in doubt? Startup founders are looking for employees who could easily fit into the startup’s culture. There are no better way to show them how culture-fit you are than through a blog. A blog can demonstrates your personal brand which contains your abilities, creativity, and passion. It’s like a window for potential employers to peek your awesomeness. Blogging can also be the perfect way to establish your expertise and prove your value.

Here are four strong reasons on why blogging will help you land a startup job:

1. Improving your own skills

Creating a blog takes a certain level of technical skills, such as HTML and SEO. Those kind of skills are essential in the startup landscape. You can also learn a little bit of social media and design at the same time.

Most startups need someone like you, since they have their own blog for marketing and branding purposes. Having someone who is good at creating blog is a huge benefit for any startup. So, why don’t you bring that to the table?

Apart from the techy blog skill, you can be a good communicator too! Just showcase your works and ideas to develop your own brand. Provide proof of your skills through the blog, and that’s where the magic happens.

2. It’s a virtual business card

Don’t you get bored throwing your business cards all over again? Some people might still forget you anyway. And in the era of cyberspace rules, a blog could be your virtual business card. It showcases your uniqueness, and what you have to offer.

Simply, a blog can sets you apart from the crowd. Plus, the good thing is, nobody will throw it away. They can search it again, if they feel impressed by you. This is certainly better than the conventional business card.

3. You will get noticed

Become an influencer on the digital era is not that hard anymore. Enter your area of expertise by following and interacting with other experts. Post something about the hot topics of your expertise. Let people know that you are very much into that area. This way, you can easily reach out to people. Of course, you should spread it with the help of social media accounts.

4. In the end, it boost your confidence

After you get noticed -or even a job offer- because of the blog, you feel your confidence growing. You want to post more and more of your brilliant works/ideas/thoughts. People might either love or hate your opinions, but you’re building a strong personal brand anyway.

Don’t be surprised if you get a job offer, an opportunity, or an appreciation from the existence of your blog. Now, when will you create or re-live your blog?

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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