4 Strategies to Attract Potential Customers to Purchase Your Product

As a business owner, you want to make your products known to the public and get customers buy them. There is no doubt that having regular customers or repeat buyers is a great deal for young company like yours. However, running a new business is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Despite your hard-work during the process of creating the product and advertising it, it seems difficult for small business to stand out among bigger competitors and attract new customers. People might come to your store and look around, but only few are actually buying your products.

Does it happen to your business?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. It is true that starting a business from scratch is not an easy feat. Finding new customers is one of the toughest challenges that startup and small businesses often have to face. Most entrepreneurs will go and advertise their product here and there, but only few people care and pay attention to this kind of promotion, let alone spending money to purchase it.

Does it also happen to you?

If you find yourself nodding to this question, then you should learn the art of attracting prospective customer’s attention and convince them to buy your product. But more than purchasing activity, you should be able to encourage them to write positive reviews of their shopping experience, such that it will attract more potential customers to come and try your products. Below, we share 4 proven methods to grab customers’ attention and actually make them buy your products. Read on..

  • Know your product customers

First thing first, you should define your target customers. Create a list of age group, gender, occupation, salary range, and other variables that can help you know better about potential customers who might want to buy your products or use your services. You have to understand your product value as well, because this will help you differentiate the types of customers you want to sell it to.

For example, if you are designing and producing women jeans, then, for which age group is the product manufactured? What kind of customers you want to approach? Is it stylish college student or for casual business woman? Do you want to attract a potential customers who seeks affordable price or comfortable wear? Or maybe both? At this point, you should figure out who you want the product to appeal to.

  • Research your customers

The next step is read what your customers wants or needs by conducting a market research. There are 5 ways to research your potential customers as proposed by Heffernan, a marketing strategist, writer, and founder of Marketing Partners:

  1. You can use Google alerts, Mention or Talkwalkers alerts to monitor the key trends, customers, and specific prospects.
  2. You can interview your current customers and gather information regarding the pluses and minuses of your current products.
  3. You should improve your web analytics in order to make your platform look interesting so it will attract more customers to buy your products.
  4. You should observe the competitors, both small and big ones. It will help you gain more information regarding why the customers choose their products over yours, so you can improve your products and its advertisement. NOTE: Do not ever copy your competitors’ products.
  5. You should leverage the power of social media by posting and promoting your products on mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Read your customer’s mind

In line with the previous step, you should learn to read customer’s mind in order to better know what they actually want. You can do this by building an empathy map. This method is proposed by Janine Duff. Building an empathy map in order to read your customer’s mind can improve your product sales. To do this method, you should be able to:

  1. Decide the target market as in the first step.
  2. Build a customer empathy map.
  3. Copy your customer’s mind.
  4. Occupy your empathy map.
  5. Create the buyer persona.
  • Nurture your customer

This could be an easy step when you already grab potential customer’s attention and make them interested in your product. At this point, you should nurture them to buy your product by showing them your product value and approach them carefully.

You should show him the value of your product such as what he can get from your product (the benefit of using the product for him). Approach new customers by letting them know that they can ask any advises or consult with you regarding the product purchase at any time.

Finally, sell, sell, sell and make your business grow bigger.

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