4 Scarce Recruiting Tips for Startups

4 Scarce Recruiting Tips for Startups

In order to grow, every startup needs to recruit talent. However, most talents are less likely to join startups, since they believe startups require more working hours as well as lower paycheck. So, how come startups overcome recruiting?

In fact, usual recruiting tips may not be working for startups, such as offering packages comparable to bigger corporations to attract talents. There is definitely a difference from startup hiring to corporate hiring. Big companies are naturally appealing for many talents. While startups have to prove themselves, in order to gain more potential applicants.

Startups are in this quick-growth phase. Every hire is absolutely crucial for us. We really can’t afford to hire wrong people. However, do not follow common recruiting tips that you find online, because things might go differently in the startup world.

Here are four scarce recruiting tips only occur in the startup world:

  1. Post a lower salary

Really? Startup’s salaries are low already, but you still consider this as a good strategy. A real talent never focus on money, so advertising lower wages for entry-level positions is acceptable. Only bad candidates who focus on money the most might most likely be bad hires as well.

With this strange approach, startups are able to reach the best candidates who usually want to land a job that accomplished them. When you get the very best candidate, you can offer a higher actual pay, so he/she will surely join your startup.

  1. No more headhunting, only networking

The key of recruiting is focusing 90% on networking. Networking always does magic, in order to attract the most compatible candidates for your startup. Luckily, networking is easier than ever with sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But, do not forget to mingle on many offline events.

  1. Fluently amplify your startup’s mighty mission

There is no better way than this. While you are busy networking, make sure that you are articulate enough to tell everyone about your startup’s compelling mission. Somebody has to ‘fall in love’, and be inspired by your startup. Let them feel your excitement about your startup.

Start with your very own founders and employees. Convince them to be your startup’s ambassadors. Eventually, they will bring their friends whom they believe will enjoy working at your startup. This also raises their commitment to work for your startup. When you, as a founder, can do that, people will be attracted to be part of your team.

  1. Pay attention to your startup’s brand

A little extra name recognition can make a real difference between hiring success and startup failure. Everybody wants to work with organisations that they respect. With everybody at your startup’s acting as ambassadors, invite them to build the brand together.

Try to publish interesting things, such as your happy employees’ fun activities on social channels. Most top talents check your startup first online, so you have to be sure that any information they found will reassure them to join the startup.

Happy recruiting!


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