4 Reasons Why You Should Set Up Internship Program in Your Startup

Here’s the case: your new startup is working on an important project from a prominent client and you need to get everything done within the proposed timeline. The problem lies in the fact that your startup is running on a tight budget, which makes it difficult for you to hire an additional staff. Have you ever thought of hiring interns and get some helping hands without burning a hole in your pocket?

While many companies are already committed to open an internship program in their organisation, some others are still uncertain with how they should implement a successful internship initiative that actually benefits the company. On one hand, some employers might recognise the interns as mere additional burden with minimum contribution as they have to spend time to train and manage them. On the other hand, some believe that the hiring interns can be a good option if you want to get more things done without spending too much on the budget.

If you need some insights on why you need to set up an internship program in your startup, here are 4 valuable things you can gain from bringing the interns on board:

Mentorship opportunities

More and more students and fresh graduates are keen in doing an internship job at startup. They believe that being an intern in startup is a good investment for their future career. With its young-spirited working environment, startup will train and encourage the interns to work in challenging tasks that will boost their innovative and creative minds. Startup becomes one among most favourite place for interns as it really sharpens their skill in related niche, especially software engineering and customer service. Owing to the reason, you should consider about conducting internship program in your startup. Your company will be more valuable as you give place for talents who want to prepare themselves before joining the workforce especially.

Bring in fresh ideas

Taking interns to the team means you bring in new talents with new opinions and ideas to the table as well. While interns might have no prior experiences in working at startup, they might have fresh and unexpected ideas you never thought of before. Student interns can help you with the product or service improvement, as you need feedbacks from user’s view.

Scout potential talents

As many have known, current talent shortage has made the battle for talents become fiercer than ever before. Given that it is not easy to hire the best-fit candidates, you can use the internship program to source and scout potential talents for your future employees. When an intern delivers good performance and shows great potentials to develop, you can call them back and offer them to join your startup for a full-time position after they graduate. Additionally, when the interns have accustomed to the startup environment, work rhythm and company culture, they will adapt and adjust themselves more easily than when you recruit candidates you have never known.

Company branding

Opening an internship position will give your startup an opportunity to get noticed by your future employees – the college students. When your job opening appears on mainstream job boards, job/internship seeker will recognise your company’s existence and want to seek more information about your business. Moreover, if your startup has good management and successfully conduct internship program, your interns will be more than willing to recommend your business to their circles.

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