4 Effective Hacks to Improve Social Media for Customer Acquisition

Molly Galetto in NGData defined customer acquisition as “acquiring new customers including consumers to purchase company’s products and/or services.” The cost of customer acquisition is important to evaluate how much value customers bring to your business. Its management refers to set of methodologies and systems for managing customers’ prospect and inquiries. Galetto stated that successful customer acquisition management is to consider the link between advertising and customer relationship management. “It is a critical connection that facilitates acquisition of targeted customers in an effective way,” Galetto commented.

As it is an important approach to attract more customers, company should think of effective strategy to improve customer acquisition. Teena Thach, Socedo’s social media and marketing specialist, stated that social media is one of ways to leverage customer acquisition. Although in the end you will lead your customer to your web, social media is still your best way to lead them through path towards an acquisition.

Shivani Mishra, a digital marketing enthusiast, at E27 also agreed that social media gives many benefits for marketers around the world. It is a leading way to bring actual revenue to your firm, or tracking behaviour to improve decision making process. Accordingly, if you are looking for an effective way to acquire customer online, here are tricks from Mishra to apply.

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#4 Let customers spread your brand

Many of adult consumers admit to posting on social media about their experience with a product, service, or brand. To make your brand name more known across the internet, you can use Mention to get notified every time your business is mentioned. Then, spread the testimonies of your customers and let their words do the marketing for you. Mishra said that marketing campaign can be optimised to succeed by keeping tabs on what your audience responds to, as user value can be enhanced by upgrading your product or service. So, it can be more appealing to your customers, too.

#3 Leverage the use of LinkedIn

You should at least have a basic information of person visiting your platform and what are they looking for. Unfortunately, the majority of traffic on your platform consists of anonymous users, unless they are logging in. Here, you can make use of Leadfeeder to categorise visitors according to their IP addresses. It is easily synchronised with LinkedIn to show you list of closest connections at visiting companies. You can get valuable insight from your platform visitors and what they are interested in. Additionally, utilise the knowledge you obtain from Leadfeeder to personalise and engage with new customer and existing customers.

#2 Experiment with most popular promotional tactics

Mishra suggests that a few tried-and-tested methods to promote your brand on various social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are worth to try. Without missing out an opportunity, here are some best tricks that are known to work for any brand, including:

         conduct engaging pools,

         host a contest or giveaway,

         ask for customer input on upcoming features and services,

         recognise your most engaging user,

         employ paid marketing, post incentives, deals, and discounts, and

         post more native videos.

#1 Learn your customer

No one wants to engage with an invoice email address from unknown individual, so does your customer. Hence, to understand your customer, you should know them better first. Likewise, by understanding your customer wants and needs, you can identify their pain points which can fill gaps in your customer relation management (CRM) strategy. As a result, you can offer an invaluable and appropriate solutions to their problem. Mishra advices to use Salesforce with Clearbit to scour through all possible data sources, including social media. Then, further insight of the data can come in handy for your team to increase customer’s interest.

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