4 Beneficial Networking Tips Only for Startup People

Who is still taking networking for granted these days? In fact, networking is even more crucial for early stage startups. Nobody have heard about your startup, so that you need to spread the word by yourself on many networking occasions!

To help your startup grow bigger, networking is one of the main thing for the business. Consider networking as an important business to do, especially at the beginning stages of your startup. Thus, let’s master the art of networking as soon as possible for your startup’s sake!

Here are four beneficial networking tips for any startup people:

  1. Host or attend networking events is a must

It is quite impossible to build a close relationship if you are only sitting behind your screen. Everyone needs to meet you in person, in order to build a real friendship. In fact, you should make “going to industry-related events” as one of your job. Indeed, it takes time, energy and full attention to make it counts.

You can also be choosy for the event you are about to attend: see the guest list, topic, and everything. After you pick a few events, ensure you dress properly and mentally ready to mingle all along. You have to be outgoing in the event, or else you will only waste your time. On the other hand, you need to be patient as well. Many people love good listeners, and that is the only way you can look at opportunities to collaborate with other persons/startups.

If your busy schedule might hold you back to attend any networking event, why don’t you host one? Hosting an event not only create a networking opportunity, but also build your startup reputation to be a well-known startup.

  1. Be an active netizen in your startup’s industry

Are you coming to a seminar or conference? Introducing yourself to the famous speakers might be a brilliant networking method, but don’t forget to reach them again on the internet. Share your opinions regarding the event to their page or speakers’ personal social media accounts.

However, pay attention about the characteristics of each social media platforms. Each social media has their own rules of etiquette. For example, Twitter is more appropriate to greet the seminar speaker you just met, since the platform welcomes strangers commenting. On the contrary, you can’t do that on Facebook because the platform is built for close friends and family.

Another tip: LinkedIn could be the best platform to connect with other startup people. It allows everyone who is seeking professional connections. You are able to meet new contacts and exchange information with acquaintances.

  1. Sign for a startup accelerator event

Building a long lasting network is more possible by joining a startup accelerator. You will meet mentors and other participants regularly, so you can have a real friendship with them. Moreover, many startup people at the accelerator event can connect you to more important people in the startup world.

Joining such event will only do good for your startup. Not to mention priceless advices and privileged access to investors. The bottom line is, it is a vital component of your startup’s growth (if you want to last more than five years).

  1. Keep in touch periodically

You don’t want to get a bad reputation as someone who will contact another person when he/she needs something, right? Make sure you keep in touch with your acquaintances, friends and old colleagues regularly. No need to often contact them, but always give some time to follow up with those talented and important people.

Just like building a new relationship, you should not always rely on social media. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a long-time-no-see old boss/colleague. Do not let your connections stay confined to the digital world, even though you are actually working in that world.

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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