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As the saying by Stephen Richards goes, “to get something different, you must do something different”. Sometimes, all you have to do is to try out something in a different way. Imagine you are in a shop and there are 10 people inside. 9 of them just have a quick look and immediately leave the shop while 1 person still gets interested and spends 15 minutes before he leaves without making a purchase. Now, if you had a chance to pick one of these 10 people to become your customer, who would you go for? Well, exactly, it seems obvious who it will be. Even after turning their backs, most prospective buyers probably need to see your message several times before they buy. One easy and effective way to reach and advertise your brand or service to a wide range of audience and get people back to your side even if they left without buying is the digital marketing strategy.

In the digital arena where business and commerce are heading to, digital marketing techniques provide owners with the best chance for survival, competition and eventually, business growth.  The following ways explain some effective marketing channels that can help your business grow.



Social media has revolutionised marketing globally in the brief span of the decade. Today, it has become a powerful marketing tool that has successfully implemented innovative experiments, especially the streaming of highly personalized contents and ads. Customers can now carry out user sentiment analysis and tailor their ads accordingly.

In this 21st century, the use of the social media interaction helps you to determine what media platforms will work well for marketing your products and services, as well as to receive both positive and negative feedback from your customers. This makes your customers feel supported and valued, and poses as an increased advantage for your brand or business. It has become increasingly popular for businesses through their social media channels to have direct contact with their customers and appropriately manage the feedback they receive.



Today, the first thing many people do before going and getting out of bed is to browse through their mobile phone. The mobile is a very attractive marketing platform as people tend to spend more time on their phones than on any other device.  This has made the mobile the most popular and rapidly multi-functional digital device with a huge impact on digital marketing. However, one important thing about mobile is the generation of the user data which is a new gold mine for marketing.



It was once reported that Facebook serves 1 billion video views on the average in a day. There is no doubt, marketing would be more visual oriented in the years to come, and a great enabler of this trend would be the social media. Visualization and visual storytelling have found a renewed emphasis in the social media as people seem to have an inbuilt bias in favor of colorful visual objects and images. With this rally cry of “do not tell, but show” in advertising, videos and visual contents have far greater chances of being shared, viewed and even go viral compared to textual contents. They are becoming increasingly popular than the traditional ones. An example of this is Pinterest.


In summary….

Why struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving customer behavior, when digital marketing operations bridge the gap between what customers want and what they get. According to statistics, about 81% of all shoppers research a product online before making the purchase. That is definitely a large pool of potential clients and customers you may be missing out on if you fail to have the right market strategy. Digital marketing is just that good chance you need to build preference and increase sales in your business right now.


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