3 Questions to Answer Before Hiring People at Your Startup

3 Questions to Answer Before You Hire People at Your Startup

Finding the right people to help your small business achieve success is no easy feat. The truth is, most people are only searching for just a job – and to be exact, for the money. They hope to secure one stable job and perhaps not to be more involved in the company’s success.

Yet, every startup needs people who aren’t only aiming for big salary, but understand its vision and mission. People who live and breathe for the startup they’re working for. That being said, having the right people is the best capital any startup could have.

So, instead of blindly hiring people as soon as possible, it’s better if you start questioning all of the candidates. Here are three questions to answer before you hire people at your startup:

1. Do they fit the culture?

As you’re building a newly established business, you need to get the culture right. Only bring in talents who can relate to the brand that your startup is developing. We can’t deny that, most of the times, culture trumps strategy.

Thus, when your startup is hiring, make sure you can find someone who can fit in easily into the culture. Those kind of people will be passionate enough to build an empire with you. In the end, it’s more possible for your startup to create a loyal client/customer base.

2. Do they want to work hard?

Startup jobs aren’t the same as boring desk-bound jobs. It could be full of surprises each day. There are a few new tasks that you’ll never expect before. Just like what we hear on sports,

“Everybody wants to win, so go after people who want to practice.”

Therefore, you need to be sure that your favourite candidate is committed to working hard. This person doesn’t want to impress you, but support your dream by doing plenty of things that you can’t handle by yourself. He/she doesn’t have to sacrifice his/her life for your startup, like doing overtime every work day or working over the weekends. It just that whatever they do is fundamental for the business that leads your startup for success.

3. Have they learned anything?

Early stage startups don’t require specific skills and roles, since the employee will do many things that aren’t written on the job description. Thus, work experience would not really matter in this case. We should just pay more attention to the candidate’s learning ability.

Ask about what they learned so far as one of the interview questions. If you find they are open to learn anything new, it’s more valuable than years of experience.


Use your personal and co-founder networks to find the right people. It will take some time, indeed. Just make sure you’re not relying on the candidates’ resume and short interviews. Look for individuals who can answer those three questions above.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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