3 Essential Tips for Startup Social Media Marketing

3 Essential Tips for Startup Social Media Marketing

With very limited budget (especially on marketing), startups have no other choice than to step up their game on using the power of social media. It is definitely a preferred choice rather than expensive advertisements. But startups have to put more efforts, in order to make social media marketing work.

Naturally, a startup can be big by word-of-mouth marketing. Previously, it was the best chance of success when working with a limited budget. However, technology takes this matter into a new place. The internet has accelerated word-of-mouth marketing, while social media plays the main part. It is now possible to reach thousands of people within minutes, even though the startup is at an early stage.

There is no other way than learning social media marketing well. Here are several essential tips on social media marketing for startups:

  1. Start with the founders

Do you wish your startup social media accounts to be popular when you are nowhere to be seen on your personal accounts? It is hardly possible.

A startup is about its founder, so never underestimate your personal branding. When the founder is active and vocal in the startup world, the startup will easily become the topic of people’s conversation.

If you are a startup founder who hardly take care of your social media accounts, now is a good time for a new habit. Be present on social media. Online presence is not only about existence, but might influence your startup success.

  1. Find the right platform

We already understand each social media has their own specialties. Thus, avoid choosing incorrect platforms for your startup marketing attempts. There are at least three factors to find the right social network: the target age group of your audience, the location of your business, and the nature of your services.

You may do some researches about each platform to find out which one is the primary platform for your targeted audience. Here is a little cheat: Facebook is more into community, Twitter is more about conversations, LinkedIn is for B2B startups, Google+ is dominant on SEO, and Pinterest is highly visual with women being its major users.

  1. Still, content is king

Do not expect to have successful social media marketing if your startup can’t provide interesting and valuable content. Content is like the gasoline of your social media marketing attempts. From blog articles, infographics, eBooks, to videos.

Another important tip: personalised all content that your startup posts. Also remember that each platform requires different type of content as well as the wordings. For an easy example, obviously a one-line can do for Twitter, but you can use more comprehensive wordings on other platforms.

Last but not least, content is always less likeable if it is considered as self promotion. Do not post self promotions every single day. Focus on giving valuable content, such as fresh insights, for social media users.


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