10 Sizzling Startup Jobs You Should Know About

10 Sizzling Startup Jobs You Should Know About

Many startup jobs nowadays come with very different and perhaps unusual job position titles. It may be confusing to understand the job role from the job title itself, but the job positions these startups are hiring for could be a very crucial role within the team! Or should I say, every role within a startup, plays a part in the success of the startup.

As many of you know, Startup Jobs Asia helps to bridge the gap between startups and startup job seekers. Hence, providing the platform where Startups can join and know that the candidates they will be interviewing, already have a concept about startups and are sincerely looking to build a career in a startup environment. While, startup job seekers will have the understanding that through Startup Jobs Asia’s platform, it’s startups. They want to enter the startup scene, and that is why they chose our platform where they will have the opportunities to meet up with startup founders.

Let’s take a look now at those sizzling jobs waiting for one ideal you!

1. Nomad Trip Curator at The Luxe Nomad

People love being a traveler these days, and this job seems like a dream job for everyone! Remember those times where we look at those villas and day-dream about how we are going to spend a short weekend getaway with all the luxury? The plans you will have to make that holiday fruitful and get yourself recharged. But these plans sometimes, get stashed away for the future.

Being a Nomad Trip Curator with The Luxe Nomad now gives you the opportunity to realise all the above! Yeah, you are helping others to realised their perfect escapades. But doesn’t that (all those planning for the luxury trips) gives you great satisfaction? You realise these luxury trips for others and at the same time, satisfying your dreams to do the same one day!

Another reason for you. Who doesn’t love browsing through all those luxury villas and perfect holiday destinations?

Sounds like the perfect job for you? Click here to apply now.


2. L3 Support Software Engineer at Ninja Van

Tech guys are plenty, but they can learn a lot of specific skills that helps to improve their overall capabilities. Imagine tech guys as doctors. Diagnosing the problem and resolving it. Moreover, they are always learning about the latest developments in their area to help others better!

Strong in your ‘doctor’ skills and continually seek to improve/streamline the L3 support process are welcome to apply. Wait, are you one of them? Here, if you want to send an application.

Wait… the people at Ninja Van loves a person that ‘literally’ has ideas exploding out with the courage to take initiatives than waiting to be told what to do.

Ok. Please apply here if you are raring to go!


3. Operation Specialist at MetroResidences

At one glance, you’ll know that it’s dealing with operations. But specialise in what? Well, you need to be specialised in people-to-people relationships. If you are people’s person, this is an excellent job opportunity for you.

MetroResidences is going strong recently aiming to disrupt the serviced apartment segment and they are looking for someone that can ideally communicate well with people while ensuring guests’ period of stay to be as smooth as possible.

Are you interested in taking care of over 200 apartments as well as their guests? Luckily, there are two (2) available positions! Apply here.


4. Autonomous Vehicle Engineer at nuTonomy

nuTonomy is currently focusing on research and development for state-of-the-art self-driving cars and they are looking for dedicated individuals that are equipped with the ability to formulate rigorous, robust solutions to hard problems in mobile robotics, and translate these solutions into an actual solution.

Have a passion in mobile robotics? Then this could be the job for you! Indeed, startups are the place where innovations are born. If you have experience in mobile robotics and want to be part of creating a great innovation, check out this job right now!

If you are a robotics guy or girl, send your application right away, here.


5. Recruitment Consultant at Startup Jobs Asia

Even the site which is bridging talents and startups, needs talents too. Startup Jobs Asia is looking for someone who is ready to be exposed to various candidates and clients from different industries and job functions.

The key is being keen to learn, and you are welcome to join the company. Here, join Startup Jobs Asia as a Recruitment Consultant.


6. Marketing Intern at Buy1GIVE1

An internship is a golden opportunity to gain experiences. Being an intern in a startup can be a great learning curve for you as you could be doing different job functions, allowing you to learn the different roles and responsibilities!

If you have a marketing degree, you can try to be the Marketing Intern at Buy1GIVE1 for Summer 2016. Apply here.


7. Javascript Software Engineer at smove

Again, a lot of startups are looking for software engineers. If you have mastered Javascript, take up this job as a fresh challenge! The startup, smove, offers attractive perks and benefits for this position, such as tech conference tickets and flexible working hours.

Apply for this job here if it is your forte.


8. Creative Manager at Secretlab

Working at a startup enables you to express your limitless creativity. Just like this job opportunity as Creative Manager at Secretlab SG Pte Ltd. You will have the authority to dictate the entire creative direction (from graphic design to copywriting).

If you are interested and love a challenge, apply here.


9. Business Co-Founder at Jobiness

Jobiness engage and put up the full transparency of information for everyone to know what kind of a job, work environment and companies every potential job seekers are keen to join.

And now there is an excellent opportunity for you to join the team in developing creativity and contributing to the community! If you are a business person and a highly driven individual, join Jobiness as their Business Co-Founder!

Submit your application here.


10. Tech Lead at versedmedios

A position as Tech Lead for a startup is pretty common. It’s a specialised job for someone whose forte is technology. A Singapore based software company, versedmedios, is looking for a Tech Lead who has expertise on Java/MEAN Stack.

Are you the one they are looking for? Take a look at the full job role and if you are confident in meeting their expectations, apply your application here.


Want to know more about the latest jobs in startups? Check out for more jobs on www.startupjobs.asia.

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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